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  1. Gary
    September 9, 2010

    OS 4.1 also makes a BIG difference on my iPhone 3GS, it looks like they finally worked out the sluggish performance across the board.

  2. Cadestantine
    September 10, 2010

    just updated to 4.1 on my 3G. TONS better than 4.0.2! Can’t say if it is better than 3.1.3 was. It’s been a while since I’ve run that. I re-checked my Spotlight Search options and still seems to be working faster than 4.0.2. Maybe now I won’t have to use Dragon Search to find info online faster than my phone could find info stored in memory…

  3. Neerav Kothari
    September 15, 2010

    it removed SMS searching atleast in 3G. i guess thats how they fixed the speed issue.

  4. Rod
    September 15, 2010

    updated my iphone 3G to 4.0, then 4.0.2 and now 4.1. For 4.1 did the restore as recommended for best results. Now marginally better performance, but still much slower than before any updates. Calendar in List View comes up then goes completely blank and only comes back if I change calendar view to Day or Month and then go back to List. Still have delays launching apps and text message app. All Spotlight searches turned off. Very few apps on the phone. Only 10% of memory used. Very frustrating…

  5. Merdo
    September 20, 2010

    Last week updated my I Phone 3g from 4.0.2 to 4.1 and I lost all the recent call I can’t see any call missed or dialed or anything and living like that is really like hell any one face this problem please reply me I need help and no one has a solution…… :(

  6. Emma
    October 7, 2010

    I updated my iPhone 3 to 4.1 but now I cant send picture messages. The camera icon has gone in the message app and when you go into the photo’s folder there isn’t an option to send a photo either. Anyone else having this problem?

  7. andre
    October 13, 2010

    me too, cant text pics anymore

  8. Candido
    October 16, 2010

    I installed version 4 and I’m having problems with memory and battery, no open program, only shows MB free memory, and the battery this spending more, someone know what this happening?

    • Candido
      October 16, 2010

      ps.: version 4.1 a have installed

  9. albo
    October 19, 2010

    I will never forgive Apple for not warning all the 3G customers about this performance debacle. No 3G should ever have been upgraded without a very public disclosure of the consequences.

    This is what happens when one company gets so much market power — in this case, over the mobile market — and when the switching barriers are so high to go elsewhere.

    We have six iPhone’s in our household, but will be switching *everyone* over to google devices when our pathetic AT&T service contract expires.

  10. Tim alton
    October 22, 2010

    Well if your jailbroken on the iphone 3G you can have multitasking and wallpapers only if your willin to openssh some files. For exmaple on testing I found multitasking runs perfectly on iphone 3G with out background. But once added with the wallpaper background, the sluggish performance appears and you loose the speed. MY suggestion is once openssh delete anything begginning with Wallpaper in /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app and it will fix all problems but ultimatly give you multitasking and wallpaper. Although you will loose that nice shadow effect but its a good trade off for performance but still have all the features

  11. John Cena
    October 29, 2010

    The 3G is very slow with IOS 4.x. I think you should better keep it with 3.1.x versions. I had 2 3G to update to 4.0, but both of them were slow, so by using SHSH blobs I went back to the previous versions. I think similar with the 3GS thing though, it’s also not performing very good under 4.1 currently, I may think of going back to 3.1.3. Only the iphone 4 is performing exceptionally under IOS 4.1, but I hate the multitasking of the Apple, I think I will close it as soon as “Proswitcher” becomes available in 4.1

  12. Vidya Elluru
    November 10, 2010

    Hi, I have upgraded my 3g phone from 4.0 to 4.1. But, it still functioning very slow and it takes longer time to open apps like, youtube, safari. Need your suggessions please.

    • Will
      November 10, 2010

      Other than disabling Spotlight, your best bet is to wait for the iOS 4.2 update which is said to further improve iPhone 3G performance.

      On a related note, iOS 4.2 is expected to be the last software update for iPhone 3G, so hopefully it will perform well.

  13. udumfux
    May 8, 2011

    i can honestly say that iOS 3.1.3 is way faster and more stable then iOS 4.1 …I have a 3GS and I’ve ran all the new firmwares and I always jailbreak, I can’t stand the limitations and lack of customization options in the stock firmware… anyway other then folders and the sad excuse for multi-tasking in iOS 4+ that only bogs down my phone and lags it to hell don’t waste your time if u haven’t upgraded your firmware don’t and if u jailbreak your device be sure to save your SHSH blobs with tiny umbrella as apple doesn’t sign off on older firmware versions and makes it so you are unable to downgrade which u will want to do after a couple of days running the newer iOS :P

  14. Shoaib
    September 13, 2012

    Hi. please tell me which OS (Operating System) will be better for Iphone 3g??
    last night i upgraded it to 4.1 and My IPhone is Working slower :(
    please tell on which OS my (Operating System) Iphone wont get slow. or on which OS my Iphone Speed will be excellent.
    waiting for Replay

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