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  1. Tom McIntosh
    February 25, 2018

    Why do I get this message
    USB Accessory Not Supported
    The “Apple USB SuperDrive” is not supported on this MAC
    I am running 10.12.6

    • Howie Isaacks
      February 25, 2018

      We could help you answer that question if you told us specifically which Mac you have. Historically, the only Macs that the SuperDrive supports are Macs that were made without an optical drive, such as a MacBook Air, Mac mini (starting in 2011), MacBook Pro with Retina Display, iMacs since 2012, etc.

      • Wojtek
        February 26, 2018

        To make any Mac SuperDrive compatible:

        Open terminal
        Type: sudo nvram boot-args=”mbasd=1″
        Enter admin password on prompt
        Connect SuperDrive

      • Paul
        February 26, 2018

        Interesting, this is a great tip to get SuperDrive working in High Sierra for some Macs, thanks Wojtek!

      • RM
        February 26, 2018

        Thank you, excellent solution!

    • martian
      February 26, 2018

      Some Macs do not support SuperDrive without an added nvram command to enable the Superdrive. Not sure why the limit, since it is just DVDRW.

      Wojtek below posted the command, it works!

  2. Dun
    February 25, 2018

    What is a CD?

    • Morgan
      February 25, 2018

      You must be a poor millennial…

  3. DCJ001
    February 25, 2018

    “the Apple SuperDrive offers an external all-in-one USB solution that can read and write both CD and DVD discs”

    Compact Disc and Digital Video Disc discs?

  4. mike
    February 25, 2018

    Absolutely one of the best Apple products ever made and so cheap, I have had mine for years and though seldom used it is a great piece of equipment to have for all kinds of eventualities.
    I really felt my age when the poster asked what is a CD?

    • no way
      February 26, 2018

      Cheap? Hardly, you can buy a Samsung superdrive for under $30 online that is totally compatible with both Windoze and OSX.

      The almost $80 Apple superdrive is a massive marketing ripoff from Apple.

  5. Morgan
    February 25, 2018

    The internal drive on my iMac failed, it will read but not burn, and bought the super drive, only to discover it won’t work with an iMac that has a drive. Nice of them to tell you that before you buy it.

    • RM
      February 26, 2018

      Please see above, Wojtek’s post has the solution.

  6. Jeff
    February 26, 2018

    … and so cheap? Apple actually makes something reasonably priced?

  7. Pascal
    February 27, 2018

    I switched from cd / dvd to iTunes store for music and movies a few years ago. But Apple must have done something in the background or with their software updates, because movies that I was capable to watch a half year ago, sudenly don’t work anymore. Why? Because my display is too old. I’ve paid for movies that first worked and now suddenly Apple blocks it with their HDCP system. There’a name for this practice: scam.
    It’s funny, Apple sells movies that don’t work on their own displays.
    As far I experienced the online movie sales on iTunes is not trustworthy. My dvd’s that I bought 20 years ago still work. Films bought on iTunes always gave me trouble and Apple’s custom services don’t solve all this problems. That’s why I switched back to dvd. It’s a little bit older, but it keeps working. As long there’s no decent alternative there’s not other choise.

  8. mklement0
    April 28, 2018

    For those needing the 32-bit version of the driver:

    The latest Boot Camp version that still supports 32-bit Windows is v4.0.4326 (https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1636?locale=en_US)

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