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  1. Ess Kay
    February 24, 2018

    ” . . . there is no other way to see the percent remaining in current iOS versions for this particular device. ”

    Yes there is. Swipe to the right from the home screen. And just below the “SIRI APP SUGGESTIONS” is a section called Batteries which shows the Percent remaining.

    • Crumble
      February 25, 2018

      The ‘Battery Widget’ only shows up if you have another apple device connected to your phone (Apple Watch, airpods, pencil, battery case)

      • Louie
        February 25, 2018

        If you have a compatible bluetooth device connected, that is. In addition to apple accessories, many 3rd party bluetooth devices also have support for the battery widget.

        And on some iOS devices it may show up even when you have no bluetooth accessories connected, as is the case for the 10.5” ipad pro where I am currently typing this comment.

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