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  1. Howie Isaacks
    November 22, 2017

    Darn it. This makes me want a Touch ID equipped MacBook Pro even more. I have a mid-2015 model that works great, does everything I need it to do very fast, but having the ability to use Touch ID on my MacBook Pro would be awesome. I wonder how long it will take for Face ID to happen on Mac. Of course the people who cover up their camera would have to refrain from doing that if they wanted to use Face ID.

    • The Holiday Drama
      November 22, 2017

      This is the first time I’ve seen something useful about Touch Bar on a Mac. But while Touch ID for sudo is interesting, I’d personally never give up a good MacBook Pro (2015) with so many great features just to get that capability and all the loss that comes with it.

      The 2015 MacBook Pro is as good as it gets if you ask me, and Marco Arment (founder of Tumblr, prominent Apple writer and pundit) agrees and points out the obvious, calling it the “best laptop ever made” and I would agree with that thoroughly after seeing alternatives.


      The 2018/2016/2017 Touch Bar MacBook Pro keyboard is pretty bad, so much so that there are parody songs about how bad the keyboard is and how easy it screws up from even just dust:


      And many, many articles online discussing the dreadful keyboard


      Or the terrible dongle USB-C situation



      Also the Touch Bar itself is a mess and often crashes, it’s slow, and makes you look at your keys when you type which is what all of us were taught exactly NOT to do when learning how to type (remember when they put a box over your hands in typing class??). The lack of an escape key or function buttons makes everything slower and more cumbersome to use ESC or even change sound or brightness. Touch ID is iffy, sometimes OK, but sometimes doesn’t work, or sometimes is slower than typing a password.

      Personally I specifically bought a 2015 MacBook Pro rather than a 2017, I like magsafe, the keyboard, escape key, ports, no need for dongles, etc. Cheaper too.

      I hope Apple learns the harsh lesson and abandons the current MacBook Pro and starts from scratch, aiming it at real Pro users. A keyboard should not be an obstacle, and neither should ports, a bag of dongles should not be required, nor trying to figure out how to change brightness or use escape or anything else. That’s my 50 cents.

      • Anne
        November 22, 2017

        Good to know this. I have considered a laptop. I’ll wait until my Mac mini becomes nonfunctional.

        I too find Touch ID oversold. It has never, not once, recognized me on the iPhone. iPad was hit and miss.

        My brand new iPad Pro seems somewhat better.

      • The Skeptic
        November 25, 2017

        I agree with what you and Marco are saying… yet it’s hard to believe that Apple will abandon a concept that has brought significant sales increases to the Mac line.

  2. Ogles of Kansas
    November 24, 2017

    Cool but I would rather have a real keyboard and Face ID I think. I don’t like touch bar.

  3. Joe
    November 24, 2017

    Sorry but touch id sounds like a security risk to me. Not for your Mac but your identity itself. Better off using a strong password.

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