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  1. par
    July 29, 2017

    Anyone who wants to watch The Ridiculous 6 isn’t going to be helped by even the simplest of instructions.

  2. Mike
    August 1, 2017

    I downloaded a few movies, then flew to the US, where I got repeated “not available in your region” errors. So, while useful, don’t rely on Netflix downloads for entertainment when travelling.

    • Louis
      November 17, 2017

      Install a VPN and select your origin country when you are in other country and Netflix should play.

  3. Steve S
    February 5, 2018

    Didn’t work for me on my AA flight this week. Downloaded a bunch of content to my iPad Pro before I left on vacation. When I tried to watch, Netflix wanted me to login, which was impossible without a network connection. Netflix had been running on the iPad (in background) since I did the download, and I hadn’t logged off. Very frustrating.

    I guess to be sure, you should start watching in the Airport while a connection is available (hotspotting phone if necessary).

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