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  1. Dan Uff
    October 31, 2016

    Thanks for the tip! This will help my wife.

  2. Barb
    October 31, 2016

    Using iPhone 6
    I followed the instructions and had Siri start reading a certain website (using Safari). I wanted the home page main text, but it was reading the whole menu of the site. I couldn’t stop it. Even after I closed out the website, the reading continued.
    I did not see any onscreen controls, and couldn’t access them (tried swiping up).
    Finally, I succeeded in saying Siri stop reading, and it stopped.
    (Earlier, when I said stop, it said–I’m not doing doing anything, how can I stop?–and then reverted to reading the website.)
    This experience was promising, yet scary.

  3. Ovidijus
    November 1, 2016

    That’s a treat, thanks!
    To get even more-use reader view, to avoid add reading by siri!!

  4. Alex
    November 2, 2016

    Once you turn on this feature, you can also highlight a paragraph or sentence and in the black overlay menu that appears you can choose to speak only the selected text instead of the entire page.

  5. Alex
    November 2, 2016

    Also, for web pages, I highly recommend putting it into the streamlined “Reader View” before using the speak screen feature so that the function doesn’t read a bunch of random stuff on the webpage that doesn’t pertain to the article.

  6. gutgetarnt
    November 4, 2016

    I find in order to make this feature reach a page in German, I have to set the ios default language to German too, or else the page read in English AND only English dialect options appear under “default dialect”. Yet, when reading a German page sprinkled with a few lines of French, Siri is “smart” enough to switch from the German “Anna” voice to a male French voice, which seems to suggest Siri could detect languages and switch the voice on-the-fly.

    • gutgetarnt
      November 4, 2016

      BTW, the “speak screen” command in German is “bildschirmhalt sprechen”.

      The puzzle is, is it possible to keep the system language in English and still have Siri speak text in the correct language dialect. The autoswitching between German and French voices suggests iOS could, but I haven’t found how to configure it.

  7. Geofff Adams-Spink
    November 11, 2016

    Once you have enabled ‘speak screen’ you can also summon it from a gesture: just swipe down from the top with two fingers. I use it the whole time as I am vision impaired and off and want to read articles on my iPhone.

  8. John
    December 18, 2016

    Wish could ask Siri to erase all emails instead of painfully having to throw each one away individually

  9. viv
    June 15, 2017

    When upgrading devices/ios this function no longer has the ability to differentiate between languages. I am also visually impaired and have used this function on my ipad/phone for 2 years. Since upgrading software and getting a new phone, it will no longer read French to me. Spent 6 hours, over several phone calls, with Apple and they were not able to fix this – also went to the Apple store. This seems to be a glitch in the current operating systems. Very sad for those who rely upon this.

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