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  1. Edward
    August 29, 2015

    I turn off autoplay video with every app, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, on iPhone, and I do the same for every plugin on the desktop. Flash is the big culprit on web browsers, Google is making that automatic in the next Chrome version though which is nice.

    I agree 100% with your reasoning too, between the data usage and extreme content that sometimes slips through on news streams, I just don’t want to have unprompted video playing. Aside from those reasons, it’s also just flat out ANNOYING, on Instagram and Vine it’s basically a “listen to some teenagers choice in really bad music automatically in a low quality video, blasting out of a low quality 0.5mm speaker!” it sounds so bad, it’s a bad user experience.

  2. Prunes
    August 29, 2015
  3. Wharf Xanadu
    August 30, 2015

    Auto play is bad

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