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  1. Amy Soldier
    February 5, 2013

    Tell Siri, “See you later alligator.” I sure would like to know how to have Siri respond with, “In awhile, crocodile.” :)

  2. Br.Bill
    December 31, 2013

    What Siri’s not so good at is interfacing with the Podcasts app. If you try to play your podcast playlists, she usually can’t do it.

  3. Bob
    January 1, 2014

    “What is the score of the game?”

    Not sure what other sports related stuff is in there, but I tried this the other day, and the report and format was nice.

  4. David Henderson
    January 13, 2015

    I need all commands I have made to Siri today

  5. Michael S
    August 14, 2015

    When asking Siri to read me my text messages today for someone, at the end Siri asked me to help her pronounce the person’s name. What’s that all about? Not sure if that’s new.

  6. Sally
    August 14, 2015

    What’s the best way to phrase “make an appointment with Dr. Smith on Tuesday, March 21 at 2 PM?

    I’ve occasionally gotten a notice on my calendar that just says “Appointment” — and I’ve no idea who it’s with!


  7. Zee Bunch
    August 25, 2015

    Are the Seri commands list images lists of commands? VoiceOver can’t read them. Also, these edit boxes in the reply section are not responsive to VoiceOver either. just FYI

  8. Betty
    August 4, 2017

    How come when I ask Siri for a donut place near me or basic directions to local parks, she gives me a donut place it’s 20 miles away 30 miles away and this happens a lot – I live near a park and the parks name is Central Park she gave me directions to the Central Park in New York which is 4000 miles away and another time she gave me directions to someplace it wasn’t even in the United States

  9. Posnovis
    September 8, 2017

    How do I get Siri to tell me the title of the currently playing song in Apple Music? Say I’m driving and can’t look at the screen…Maybe I just want to know the artist or album?

    • Paul
      September 9, 2017

      If you ask Siri what the song is, Siri should verbally tell you what the song identified is, and who it is performed by.

      Siri music identification works that way on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone, give it a try.

  10. Posnovis
    September 10, 2017

    Nope, she always says she can’t check while Bluetooth is connected or that she doesn’t hear any music because she’s trying to identify a song from another source rather than simply what’s playing in Apple Music.

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