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  1. Jay
    March 2, 2011

    No pre-orders???????? Apple stores are going to be freaking TENT CITIES with campers lined up. They must have skipped pre-orders knowing this would happen, it’s going to be dominating news coverage for the next two weeks.

  2. Parakeet
    March 2, 2011

    no pre ordering means this is going to sell out immediately and will be weeks before anyone can actually buy one after the initial rush

  3. stephen chan
    March 3, 2011

    Dear sir/Madam,
    I lived in Malaysia, when it come to Malaysia?

    • downer
      March 8, 2011

      end of year probably…. get one from singapore.

  4. raj
    March 7, 2011

    i live in u.s how many days will it take to ship

  5. mac
    March 12, 2011

    When it come to Taiwan?

  6. Scot Manaher
    March 24, 2011

    I ordered my iPad 2 from the apple store on March 23.

    I’m from the US and the estimated ship date was Ships: Apr 27 and Delivers: Apr 30.

    Today it has bumped up about a week and Ships: Apr 21 and Delivers: Apr 26.

    You are welcome to follow my FB page becuase I will be updating if there are any changes to the ship and deliver date of the iPad 2.

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