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  1. Kindour
    November 29, 2009

    It’s awesome!

    For quite a long time, I have been using a piece of software called DVD Copy Pro to help me create ISO files on my Mac machine. It also has other powerful DVD copy functions, the detailed of which can be found at: http://www.softdiggs.com/mac-dvd-copy-pro.php

    • Awesome
      March 21, 2012

      Way to SPAM your POS Software. You should also have your scripts updated by somebody over the age of 13 because you obviously have no idea on how to exploit a MAC.

  2. Dolon
    May 23, 2011


  3. Cricket
    April 12, 2012

    lol nice..it was easy..i wasted hours trying to make a bootable usb stick but this is easy!!

  4. Frank Furter
    December 7, 2014

    I was burning a dvd on my imac and I cooked my pants.

  5. Hubert von Hausteten
    December 28, 2016

    When I click open image on disk utility, nothing happens… nothing opens. Tried to open a Linux Open Suse iso file downloaded from the official website, no way to use disk utility. Also tried with Linux Mint iso file, nothing happens either. Drag and drop isn’t more effective.
    Will try the command terminal method.

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