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  1. TCU
    November 9, 2009

    Apple wants to kill Netbooks before they release the iPod Touch Grande Edition aka iTablet, except instead of competing with netbooks for $300 it will be $699 to $899 and have less features.

    Poor move Apple

  2. bootyboots
    November 10, 2009

    i found a bug. Now there’s this rounded-corner black border at every pics from the built in screen capture (other than the fullscreen capture) ==> http://tinypic.com/r/8x30k7/4

    oh, i noticed that the mouse icon at system preferences is the magic mouse now

  3. Martin Fluch
    November 10, 2009

    I don’t undertsand the outcry: if you want to use Mac OS X … then get a Mac and not a silly netbook. Nobody should even expect Apple to support a processor architecture which is not part of their product line. Why should they?

  4. macwind
    November 10, 2009

    @Martin Fluch

    Apple offers no products in the $300 realm, I have a Netbook Mac to supplement my iMac and I chose to get an MSI Wind rather than a MacBook Pro. It’s so cheap that I can take it around without worrying about anything damaging or stealing my $2500 of beautifully arranged aluminum and glass. I’m on the subways constantly in NYC and in the past when I had a MacBook Air I was horrified of it getting damaged or stolen. I spent $320 to get my MSI Wind up and running with Mac OS X and I’m able to commute worry free and still run the best OS in the world, that’s why I go Hackintosh.

  5. Luke
    November 10, 2009

    as I’ve used Mac’s and Mac OSX for years, I know and love the hardware and software. I work part time as a service tech and can’t stand Windoze and all the hassles of its OS. Its a lean year for me and in a time when I would of normally went out and dropped $1000 easy on an Apple product I can’t do that now. Getting some Netbook and being able to hack OSX on to it makes mobile computing easier to deal with. Shoot I’d rather carry around a $300-$400 netbook with OSX than being deathly afraid my $2000 MacBook gets stolen or dropped or drooled over.

    and shoot even now am getting parts to build my own desktop intel hack mac. cobbling together $800-$900 for a desktop system with OSX saves a ton of cash…

    only issue that bothers me is support… building and running a Hack Mac whether Netbook or Desktop requires more work… just like when Apple decides to upgrade the OS which on purpose or otherwise Cracks the Hack Mac. Also, no calling AppleCare for help when something breaks. Its a chance I am willing to take to save myself thousands of dollars.

  6. DR
    November 11, 2009

    There has never been an Apple statement indicating that Mac OS X supports Atom processors. And there was no Apple statement indicating that Atom support is now missing.

    Thus, Atom support is not “officially” missing. It is just missing. In fact it was never “officially” there. Perhaps you meant that it is “confirmed missing”.

  7. Andy
    November 11, 2009

    The 500 lb gorilla is the bugs and instability of OS X 10.6.x. How many millions of Apple loyalists would be beating the drum about Windows if you lost all your personal data by simply logging into the machine. The genius of your Unix O/S is that it has 30 years of development behind it and it can support an unlimited number of hardware systems, whether tower, laptop, notebook, or embedded. The dictators at Apple have brainwashed you into thinking that you need an “ooh shiney” to run it in a stable state.

  8. whackymac
    November 11, 2009

    Apple is full of cry baby pansies.
    a PC will run OSX better than any apple could.
    Deal with it.
    or have your apple users pay for the company to make the os not run on intel machines. and call it a UPGRADE … hahahahahaha !
    now gimme 50$ bitches

  9. Rob Poole
    November 11, 2009

    Responding to DR:

    Apple never officially stated that they supported the Atom processor, but why would they? They almost never discuss the actual CPU compatibility of their software except in the fine print on the web site and on the box, if that. Many times, they mention a specific model of Mac as being the baseline model for a given software package. So expecting an “announcement” from Apple is ludicrous.

    Furthermore, Atom-based netbooks were running OS X just fine before now, so it’s hard to see how this is anything other than Apple deliberately detecting the Atom CPU ID and crippling the kernel in that case. Atom support is “missing” in the sense that we know it used to be there, and we have several successful Hackintosh projects around the world running OS X on an Atom-based netbook. Grousing about the word “official” is just hair splitting. Apple clearly didn’t officially support the Atom, but they didn’t prevent it from running the OS either. Until now.

  10. vineet
    April 21, 2011

    hey can mac os x snow leopard run on hp mini 110 i have atom n450 processor 1.66ghz ? please help????
    I tried to run mac os x snow leopard on my desktop which has Pentium 4 3.93ghz (over clocked) and a video card of 61 mb it works perfect on it but as i bought the net book just a few days ago so i am hesitate to install os x on it so just want to know whether it will run or not PLEASE HELP!!!!

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